Audi has updated its top model A8

15.07.2023 16:48

Audi has updated its top model A8

Audi has updated its top model A8. Audi has significantly upgraded its top model. In addition to a revised exterior design and new equipment lines in particular, the interior of the A8 has been significantly upgraded. “It makes sense – the Audi A8 is our innovation leader,” says Oliver Hoffmann, Audi Board Member for Technical Development of our other ranges and segments.

During the facelift, the proportions have changed only slightly - the new A8 has a wheelbase of three meters, a length of 5.19 meters, a width of 1.95 meters and a height of 1.47 meters. In digital matrix LED headlights, around 1.3 million micromirrors divide the light from a particularly powerful LED into tiny pixels. “As a result, it can be controlled with high precision and resolution,” says the Ingolstadt-based company.

“A8 customers always expect the latest technology, especially in the areas of security, lighting and infotainment,” says Peter Dlab, Technical Project Manager for the Audi A8 (repair manual). “An example of this is the reclining seat in the A8 L. It offers many options for front passenger seat backrest adjustment and footrest. Here, the rear right passenger can heat and massage the feet in several steps.”

According to Audi, the air quality package improves air quality in the cabin. The combined filter in the four-zone automatic air conditioner traps most of the gases and fine dust. It also helps eliminate allergens and microorganisms.

OLED digital smart taillights are standard on the model. They detect proximity to a vehicle moving behind – if another road user approaches the A8 from behind less than two meters, all OLED segments are activated.

The MMI Touch Response operating concept in the Audi A8 relies on two displays measuring 10.1 and 8.6 inches and natural voice control: "Hi Audi!" The fully digital Audi Virtual Cockpit with optional head-up display completes the picture. At the rear, two 10.1-inch Full HD displays attached to the backs of the front seats display content from passenger terminals and can also receive multiple audio and video streams.

The drive range extends from the V6 TFSI and TDI engines, each with a displacement of three liters, through the TFSI e plug-in hybrid drive, to the 4.0 TFSI engine with a maximum output of 571 hp. The base price of the A8 in Germany is 97,800 euros. The A8 60 TFSI e quattro starts at €108,950 and the S8 starts at €144,800.

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